Automaieute 1h30mn Private Co-creation Session

Spend 1 hour 30 minutes co-creation (coaching) session face to face with Olivier, live or online depending where you are located.

This one hour 30mn is your a time to use to get clarity on your personal project. Here are ideas of what we can work on together :

  • Cultivate fluidity and improve your Seitai adjustment practice,
  • Restore your health, build a recovery plan adapted to your personal needs,
  • Explore how you can solve a conflict and or a problem in your life, be it relational, professional, etc.
  • Digg deeper in your unconscious issues, to help you better achieve your life project,

The Automaieute Co-creation Sessions is an excellent program to help you solve your personal issues and reach your goals safely. Nevertheless, I have designed this program so you can go much further.

Automaieute Co-creation Sessions will help you better understand your self and make better choices for your life. Through those sessions, you will build or rebuild your self confidence and become  aware of the hidden inner conflicts that may infer your plans and sabotage your realization. You will find what is true and valuable in you. Then you will discover how to bring more of your personal talent into your life and into the life of others. Finally, you will renew your potential and become autonomous. 

My available time to co-create with you is limited. Therefore this co-creation sessions program is  limited to a few persons only each month.

Book your session now before somebody else takes your place !

Here’s how it works :

  1. Pick a day and time,
  2. Fill in you personal information,
  3. Click the little square under personal information to allow us to register your email,
  4. Click : the send button,
  5. Deposit 57 Euros (per session) at the following:
    Unicredit Bulbank
    IBAN BG45UNCR70001523058825
    Olivier Nesmon




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