A Monthly Workshop For a Maieutic Experiment



Lay A New Light On your self,
Deliver Your Personal Talent Into The World !

What is Maieute Companion ?

It is  an experimental reflexive workshop.

Reflexive means that when you join the group,  you will benefit from the resonance  of other members about the aspect of your life you want to improve.

These resonances will act as a magic mirror that will progressively help you become  aware of some facets of your self you cannot see yet. By developping a wider vision of your self, you build a better understanding of your personal unconscious path.

Maieute Companion is different from the trendy self improvement / self development realm. It is a birthing process meant to put you in touch with your self so you can start unfolding your own personal path.

This reflective process is particularly enriching when you want to achieve  :

  • Health improvement
  • Self-Awareness and Self-Knowledge
  • Personal or Professional project

Why Create this Workshop ?

Has it ever happened to you that you want to improve you health condition, or you want to achieve a project, or you feel inspired to change something important in your life or do something new, but for some obscure reasons you never get there completely.
You know the theory, you know what to do and how to do it, you are motivated, but some invisible force always seems to draw you out of track. Nothing happens. You feel stuck in a repetitive pattern where inspiration eventually vanishes and you can’t solve it.

That’s when it becomes useful to uncover you internal patterns to end unconscious sabotage and unveil your unsuspected skills and talent.


How does it work ?

Maieute Companion is an experimental workshop meant to help you reflect on those situations in collaboration with the mini group, and individually. The intentions are:
to make you become aware of your self,
to help you uncover your true unconscious talents and skills hidden behind the difficulties and obstacles you meet,
to uncover and modelize the best strategies towards your projects.

On purpose to achieve this goal, we gather in a small group of persons each month.

Group Session

Once a month, we meet online in a group conversation to reflect on each other’s project and objectives. We take notes and enrich ourselves by giving and collecting feedback with the team.

  • 1 meeting every month the 3rd saturday of every month
  • Duration : 2h30mn to 3h. (more time will be added if necessary).

Your personal work

The meeting ends with an objective, mostly consisting in reflexive writing so you learn to progressively step into your inner world to uncover your self and unveil your hidden project.

Note that during this program, writing will hold an important part of the work.

Personal Coaching Session (optional as some people do not need it systematically)

When you finish your exploration, you can request a private appointment with me online, IF YOU WANT. Using your writing, I will help you dig deeper in the core of your project.
The objective is to unveil with more precision your  hidden skills, and then create a new model for you to use in your daily life, be it personal, artistic, relational, health or professional.

  • Individual session is optional
  • Duration : 1h to 1h20mn max.
  • Time of meetings will be decided individually according to each other.

What to expect ?

Every person is different from another. Every one has a different vision on life with different perspectives. Plus not every one is ready to bloom in the same way, at the exact same time. Some people are ready right now, while others may need more time than others.

Therefore, there is no limit date to the program. It is meant to guide you towards a better vision of yourself at your own pace. It is intended to cultivate more confidence about your possibilities to unveil your hidden talents and skills.

Not only will you leave with a better vision of what you can achieve in respect of your personal ecology, but you will also have in your hand a "made for you" strategy which you will be able to use to unfold your skill and take your place in your environment.

One example

Martine is 69 yo. She is divorced and retired, and has difficulties to make ends meet.
As a hobby, she confessed she would like to be a painter artist, but she lacks self confidence so much she can never be satisfied with her work.
When I suggested her to sell her painting to support her living, her low self esteem made her think it’s impossible.

Then she chose to follow my program.

  1. I helped her unveil her unconscious pattern for lacking money and sabotaging the value of her paintings, which eventually made her incapable of selling them.
  2. After seeing some of her paintings, we had to admit that she has talent, but she doesn't know how to activate at will. So I helped her unveil her unconscious pattern for making vivid and vibrant pieces of art.
  3. Now she has two personal models. One to trust her own talent so she can paint more vibrant paintings, and one she can use to feel confident in selling her art at the price she wants instead of giving it away for nothing.



Usual tuition to conduct Maieutic Companion
is 147 USD per person per month

The price includes:
1 monthly group session - Assignment Analysis - 1 Optional individual Coaching session each month as long as you remain a member



For Kyokuten Members in Bulgaria Only
80 USD per month

How to Apply

I want to help as many people as I can, but my free time is limited.
Therefore, I cannot accept every body in this program at once. That is why the Maieute Companion Workshop is only available for a limited number of persons who will agree to follow me and work with me at my pace.

If you are serious about working with me, please follow these instructions :

  1. Download the PDF below to find out where to send your application
  2. Write a short letter telling me about your self, who you are, what is your project, or plan, or what you want to transform / improve in your life. (2 paragraphs)
  3. Write about the challenges you meet, as well as well as your qualities and skills (it doesn’t have to be about Seitai) and expectations. (2 paragraphs)
  4. Write why you are motivated to work with me.(2 paragraphs)
  5. Limit your writing to the number of paragraphs for each question. Any letter beyond that limit will be eliminated.
  6. Send your application to the email indicated in the pdf document when you are ready.
  7. I will read your text personally and contact you to let you know if you are selected.




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