That path I shouldn’t have taken…

I remember. Soon after breakfast, my companion reminds me that we have to go to the grocery store. We talked about it the night before, but in the moment, I don't want to. I make my feelings :" I don't feel it. Thinking about going to the grocery store triggers [...]

That path I shouldn’t have taken…2019-02-23T15:52:56+00:00

Master your body, rebuild you identity

"The importance we give to our body is linked to our identity, that is to say that we have identified ourselves with our body. This is how we can pass by very beautiful souls because of their appearance and love beautiful bodies that convey evil souls. The world of appearances [...]

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Traveler’s trick : Treating infected (light) wound with Morinda Citrifolia

An effective tip for treating a small infected wound when you travel in the tropics while you forgot your medicine kit at home. This is an old Tahitian thing that saved me more than once. Seeking a nono (Morinda Citrifolia, see photo). It is found in Asia, Central America [...]

Traveler’s trick : Treating infected (light) wound with Morinda Citrifolia2019-02-23T15:53:16+00:00

How to not loose your energy on conflicts ?

It's almost sunset on Sherbrooke. I’m sat on the swing in the backyard. Two neighbors are there. They are discussing the difficulty that one of them seems to have with a work partner. But my attention is elsewhere. I am here to take a moment for myself, away from the [...]

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Simply breathing

The way of the 3 breaths. An alternative to coffee break. For my English speaking friends in the Automaieute community, I have published the first podcast of the year. You can listen online or download it for later listening. It's only the first one, but if you like it, how [...]

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Auto-integration for 2018

Restructuring the gap between self image and the physical body. This is an audio recording (mp3) of a workshop held in Lozen (Bulgaria) in 2016. May be you were there, may be not. The guidance is in French with Bulgarian simultaneous translation by Ilyana. Explore or re-explore your body with [...]

Auto-integration for 20182019-02-23T15:57:23+00:00
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