Women’s well-being
My friend Christos came to see us at home with his girlfriend Anna. Like Anna’s way of walking and the expression on her face, you could tell she was not doing well. She who always looks smiling and happy tonight, she is not the same.

Migraines, cramps, disabling pain in the hip and stomach… like Anna, many women experience this situation regularly without solutions, reduced to helplessness and sometimes even isolation.

Having noticed her condition, I pulled out my rug and showed her 3 easy body exercises so she knew how to relieve herself in a few minutes. His situation was severe. In fact she clearly doubted her ability to regain her power and be able to relieve herself after a whole day of migraine and cramps.
I invited her to take a seat and guided her in a simple bodily movement that reduced her pain by half. I then showed him a second exercise to soften his hip and restore mobility. We were friends, so we took our time. In all, about fifteen minutes. The session ended after the application of a hot compress on the neck to take care of migraine. Anna went to lie on the sofa near Christos and fell asleep without realizing it.

When the meal was ready, Anna came to join us and ate her meal calmly, looking relaxed. When our friends left in the evening, Anna poured on us an overflowing gratitude. She had regained her smile.

I do not tell this story to show any superiority or power, nor to gain recognition, but simply to share the idea that the suffering that many women experience in the period of menstruation can be relieved in a recursive time, naturally and without any external input, whether chemical or not.
Just understand how body structures work. Again I do not talk about taking chemicals or natural. It is rather to activate the natural power of life in the body.

Now, if you do not know what to do to free yourself and regulate your body, it’s not your fault, because that knowledge is not taught in our modern society and largely ignored or neglected by modern halopathic medicine. It’s not one of his primary concerns.

Since it’s international women’s day today, I want to support the feminist cause in general, sharing for a week that knowledge that will prove useful to you. Because we must have all our strength to lead the many struggles that women must fight today.

Just before sharing this knowledge with my friend’s wife, I needed to have her full attention. I have expressed the fact that what I am going to teach her is precious, and that she must remember it faithfully. Why ?

Firstly, because it will be useful to her throughout her life as a woman. Then, if she has a daughter later, she can teach him that knowledge and allow him to protect his body so that he can live his life as a woman with relaxation, strength and pleasure. And so on, from generation to generation.

Finally, what I’m going to share for women, I would like men to help make it known to those who matter to them. It would be a wonderful way to show support and understanding those they have for mission to accompany, to protect if necessary and particularly to love.

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