I remember. Soon after breakfast, my companion reminds me that we have to go to the grocery store. We talked about it the night before, but in the moment, I don’t want to. I make my feelings :” I don’t feel it. Thinking about going to the grocery store triggers a feeling i feel in my body. I feel like there’s a tight, heavy ribbon between my pelvis and my shoulder.
My companion is talking to me It lists all the reasons why today is the best day for shopping. I’m taking a break. I still have the same feeling in my body. Simultaneously, I think :”it’s true that if I do it today, I won’t need to do it during the weekend”. body feeling fades.

We’re leaving. Since we don’t have a vehicle, we’re hitchhiking. Three cars pass. A few drops of rain fall.
A young couple on vacation stops and drops us halfway.

We’ve been walking on the road for almost 30 minutes. Nobody stops. A thought pops up in my mind: “I should have listened to myself!” that’s the kind of useless thing we say in these cases. I’m thinking, ” What’s the point of regretting and I’m here now, and I can’t go back “. so I start to guide my mind to the good mood and curiosity to find out how ” this path I shouldn’t have taken ” will deploy.

A lady finally stops and we drop by the market. We thank her very much. She’s leaving. We’re taking a few steps, and my companion notes that she forgot the commissions bags and the big insulated bag in the car. The space of a moment, I feel a hardening in my belly, like a rebellion. But it’s not that dramatic. I let go by saying that “this path I shouldn’t have taken” is quite interesting. We’re going to buy new bags to shop.

The races are done. Heavily loaded, we prefer to go home with the bus I’m sitting on a seat at the bottom of the vehicle On the way, the bus is slowing down One of the bags falls down. Damn, the eggs are in..!

We’re coming home, let’s get the commissions back Only two eggs are broken. Phew!

During our absence, I missed a call. It was the car rental. Since we’re not here, he’s passing the car to another client.

I sit on the terrace and think about ” this path I should not have taken ” this morning and ask me: ” what is the learning of this little adventure?”

The answer made me smile: “not following his intuition is not free”.

What about you? How do you recognize the message of your intuition? What do you do when you realize you should have listened but you didn’t? Do you have a story to tell?