An effective tip for treating a small infected wound when you travel in the tropics while you forgot your medicine kit at home.
This is an old Tahitian thing that saved me more than once.

Seeking a nono (Morinda Citrifolia, see photo). It is found in Asia, Central America (I saw and used in Costa Rica), in the Caribbean, usually near the sea.
On the branches pick some shoots of the fruit, still green with buds of flowers (see photo).
Sprinkle the fruit in a bowl with a few drops of coconut oil, monoi or olive oil. You get a blackish paste.
Cover the wound with the paste. Cover with a plaster or gauze tape that you will keep overnight.

The acidity of the fruit will clean the infection. The next day, you’ll end up with a very clean wound. Homeostasis will take over and heal alone. Let it dry during the day (avoid dust and bathing during this time).

Few people know this yet very effective thing to heal a simple wound or a gall that does not want to heal. Something that happens often in the tropics.

Now, keep your common sense. In case of fever or other reaction, consult a doctor as soon as possible.