“The importance we give to our body is linked to our identity, that is to say that we have identified ourselves with our body. This is how we can pass by very beautiful souls because of their appearance and love beautiful bodies that convey evil souls. The world of appearances is a decoy. We tend to think that we and our bodies are one. Yet we have a body that is a living system, we are not our body, we just live in it. ”

Michelle Jeanne Noël,
Vous pouvez guérir, ed. Quintessence, 2012, p 201.
Traduction : Google Translate.

Starting from 10 years of study at Seitai School in Tokyo, my meeting with the wonderful work of Michelle Noël is what allowed me to:
1- take charge of rebuilding my identity,
2- to build a tangible and practical bridge between the body and the mind to discover, better understand, find the hidden meaning of undesirable conflicts and free oneself, simply by using the body.

The result is a fascinating body mind work where it becomes possible for everyone, according to one’s desires, to take back one’s body, one’s life and health in hand, to discover oneself in one’s intimacy, to release the knots of the mind simply by putting the body in order, and finally to open up new horizons to give birth in a larger vision of oneself and of life.

If it is difficult to summarize this work in a few words, you can discover the contours over the days, for example by subscribing to the Facebook page:


Thank you Michelle for your great work and your irreplaceable presence.